Your Garage Door Explained


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Knowing Your Garage Door

A closer look at your garage door and its' moving parts. These are the main parts to your door which all work together to lift your door smoothly. Your garage door is the biggest moving part in your home. In order for it to work properly it needs proper maintenance and care

Your questions about garage doors, and our best answers!

My wall mounted pushbutton opens my door, but my remote opener will not?

Make sure you check the batteries in your opener remote opener. They should be replaced once a year.

Why do I have to hold the button to close my garage door?

Check and make sure that your doors sensors, located at the bottom of your door, are not misaligned. Your sensors need to aim directly at one another to work properly. These can get bumped or blocked causing them not to read each others signals.  Most sensors show a light on the top, when they are correctly pointing at one another.  When you are holding the button down you are overriding the doors safety feature.

Why does my garage door go down hit the floor and go right back up?

Garage door openers have an open limit and close limit. This can be adjusted on your opener. If your adjustment for is set too high, your door is assuming that the ground is an object it is hitting, and reversing. This is a safety mechanism for your garage door. This keeps your door, or anything in its path from being crushed. You can adjust these limits on your opener using a screw driver.

Why does my door not close certain times of the day?

Sunlight may be interfering with the photocell system with your garage door opener. The sending and receiving eyes need to be swapped.

Why does my garage door come up part way and get stuck?

The force of your garage door opener may need adjusted. Also, your torsion springs may be out of balance or broken, causing your garage door opener to over work and stop.

Why is my garage door so noisy?

Your garage door may need tuned up. Over time it wears down and needs readjusted and lubricated properly.

Can I just replace one panel of my garage door?

If your door was run into or somehow a panel gets crushed, we can replace just that one panel. We cannot guarantee that your door is still being manufactured and the colors will match perfectly.

Can I just fix my door myself?

Your garage door is the biggest, heaviest moving object in your home. We highly recommend hiring a professional to repair and service your garage door, because without the proper tools and knowledge it can be very dangerous . You also do not want to run the risk of voiding warranties if your repair job is not up to par.

Can I paint my garage door?

Steel doors can be painted with any high quality exterior latex paint. Wood doors must be painted or stained prior to or immediately following installation. Most steel garage door models are available primed from the factory.

How often should my garage door be maintained?

To keep your garage door running smoothly and last forever, we highly recommend you schedule a maintenance inspection every two to two and half years.

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