Commercial Garage Door Services and Repair in Vancouver WA

We help businesses throughout Vancouver and Portland keep their commercial garage door up and running smoothly. Whether you have a broken commercial garage door part or are in need of a complete repair, Value Garage Door can help!

We provide All Types Of Commercial GARAGE Door Services


At Value Garage Door Service we know it is critical for your business that your commercial door can open safely and consistently. We are able to measure and build springs for commercial doors and can typically offer faster lead time on these specialty springs. If you have a broken torsion spring on your commercial door give us a call and we can set you with an appointment to measure and find the right spring for your overhead sectional door.

Garage door Opener Replacements

A Commercial grade opener is a must for any shop or business that needs reliable and safe operation of their sectional doors. We offer a wide variety of options and can find the commercial operator that is right for your shop and will allow you to deliver top tier service to your clients. With options from Marantic and LiftMaster your business is in good hands with our installation of a commercial opener.

Roller ReplacementS

Reliable rollers can make a big difference on commercial doors that see a lot of use. We install nylon ZZ bearing commercial rollers which provide excellent durability even in the most rigorous commercial setting. You need rollers on your door that are dependable and work as hard as you do, give us a call and we can get you installed with rollers that can keep up with any commercial application.

Bottom Seal and Retainer ReplacementS

Keeping your shop clear of rain and water is critical to your business, and your client’s comfort. We can replace your bottom seal and retainer and keep your shop drier, and safer for your technicians and your clients. Contact us today for a commercial service call and we can get the right seal installed for your shop.

Cable ReplacementS

Cables are an essential component to the opening and closing of your commercial sectional door. Frayed or broken cables can lead to damage not only to your door but to your clients vehicles as well. Our technicians can replace damaged or broken cables on your commercial overhead door and make sure you and your clients are safe in your shop. If you are having issues with frayed or broken cables give us a call today.

Door ReplacementS

Old or damaged commercial garage doors can be a hazard to you and your clients. In addition, having new and presentable doors helps you bring in the clients you and your business deserve. We can replace your old or damaged overhead doors and get you new, safe and reliable commercial doors so you can operate with peace of mind!

Panel ReplacementS

If you have a damaged panel on your commercial door give us a call and we can schedule a consultation to find the right commercial garage door panel replacement options for you. We can help you maintain and keep your business operational and secure by replacing damaged panels with something new and reliable. 



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