Most experienced drivers can attest that mistakes are commonly made while driving. Occasionally, potholes, bugs on the glass, and unintentional collisions with garage door bottom panels are all part of the driving experience. Regardless of how the broken or damaged panels occurred, you may feel secure knowing that there are garage panel replacement services available.

Looking for garage door experts in Washington? Well, look no further than Value Garage Doors! We’re here to deliver premium garage door panel replacement in Washington and to Oregon, stay in perfect shape throughout the year. Our highly skilled installers are ready to replace your garage door panels, whether they’re just one or several. Reach out to us today, and we’ll take care of it for you!


Sometimes, replacing garage door panels isn’t the best choice, especially if the door is old. In such cases, finding the right parts can be a challenge, and you might not even get the same color or style to match. For instance, it’s harder to find parts for wooden doors because steel, aluminum, and vinyl doors have become more popular due to their practicality, thanks to technological advancements.

It’s frequently best to go for a garage door replacement when your garage door has substantial damage. These new panels are stronger, lighter, and can even be insulated to improve the comfort of your garage. Our garage door panel repair service in Vancouver, WA, includes installing a brand-new set of panels to protect your door in addition to simply replacing the old ones. 


Recessed Wood Garage Door Panel replacement Photos

What happens, though, if the damage to your garage door is only minor? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We provide garage door panel replacement services to meet all of your demands, whether you require new panels for an entire section or just one or two specific components. For a wide range of models and brands, we can replace individual panels. In contrast to replacing the complete door, which might also require new hardware, if you have a bent garage door panel, doing so will save you money.

Before we start replacing your garage door in Vancouver, Washington, it’s important to identify which part needs to be replaced. Most garage doors consist of three main sections: the bottom, middle, and top panels. Sometimes, replacing the bottom panel might require different materials than replacing the top one. 


Accidents involving garage doors happen frequently. Even though not all damage requires a whole new door, fixing something like a garage door bottom panel requires competence. Value Garage Doors excels in this area. With a large range of brands and types to pick from and the ability to replace individual portions or entire panels, rival garage door providers will have a difficult time catching up to our level of accomplishment.

We also provide a variety of other services, like routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

We also provide a vast array of additional services, including routine upkeep and emergency repairs, among others. We take care of every part of your garage door, saving you the hassle of dealing with several businesses for various projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garage Door Panel Replacement with Value Garage Door Service

Can you buy replacement panels for a garage door?

Absolutely! At Value Garage Door Service, we offer a wide selection of replacement panels for garage doors. Whether your panels are damaged, dented, or simply worn out, we have the perfect replacements to restore the look and functionality of your garage door.

Are garage door panels interchangeable?

Our replacement panels are designed to be compatible with a variety of garage door models. We prioritize versatility, making it easier for you to find the right panels that seamlessly fit into your existing door structure.

Can you just replace the panels on a garage door?

Yes, you can. Garage door panel replacement is a cost-effective solution to refresh the appearance of your garage without replacing the entire door. Our skilled technicians at Value Garage Door Service specialize in seamless panel replacements, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Can I just replace 4 panels on my garage door and not the rails?

Absolutely. If only specific panels are damaged, there’s no need to replace the entire door or rails. Our services cater to your specific needs, allowing you to address the issue efficiently and economically by replacing only the necessary panels.

Is it better to repair or replace a garage door?

The cost-effectiveness depends on the extent of the damage. In many cases, replacing specific panels is more budget-friendly than investing in a new door. Our experts can assess the condition of your garage door and provide personalized advice on the most economical solution.



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